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About Industrial Seals Expert

Your new blog for industrial sealing solutions

Welcome to Industrial Seals Expert – the sealing solution knowledge blog. This new website provides you with regular articles on sealing technology for industrial applications. There’s something for everyone from maintenance personnel and product developers to engineering students.

Despite their crucial impact on machine performance and reliability, seals rarely receive the attention they deserve. However, selecting the right sealing solution can make all the difference to your products, machines, and operations. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated knowledge base for industrial seals – containing tips, advice, interviews, videos, and more content you can use to broaden your expertise.

What you can expect

Industrial Seals Expert draws on the experience of engineers and research and development specialists in a wide variety of industries worldwide. If you want to learn how to select the right sealing material and design, extend seal service life, or troubleshoot failures then you’ve come to the right place.

To help you find what you’re looking for, our content is divided into three categories:

Technology & Application

This category is ideal if you’re looking for more detailed information on current and ongoing developments in sealing solutions. Topics include industry-specific challenges and solutions, materials and testing, machining and molding, and customization. You will also find real-life references and success stories here.

Tools & Guides

This category contains practical guides and information. Checklists, infographics, tutorial videos, and how-to’s help you deal with common challenges and issues in sealing technology.

Ask the Expert

Here, various industrial seal experts provide their answers to frequently asked questions. This is your chance to get involved: If you have a question related to sealing technology, leave a suggestion in the comments section of our website and we will consider it for a future article.