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Old partners, new solutions

Optimized seal design reduces costs at Benzlers

Compatriot companies SKF and Benzlers share a rich history. But now the relationship is reaching new heights. Read how SKF’S in-depth knowledge of seals and bearings, as well as efficient disassembly and installation services, helps Benzlers to affirm its seal of quality.

Helsingborg-based Benzlers has over 70 years’ experience in engineering highquality gearboxes, jacks, and complete transmission solutions and services to a global market. In addition to its standard range, it also offers customized, tailored solutions to match customers’ unique specifications. SKF previously supplied roller bearings for Benzlers’ various gearboxes. Now it has extended its services to include the delivery of radial shaft seals.  

With customers that demand over 80,000 hours of service life, it’s imperative that Benzlers can trust in its seal and bearing supplier. Engineering manager Wolfgang Böhm, who is in his fourth decade with the company, revealed why SKF is the perfect strategic partner. 

Optimized seal design reduces costs at Benzlers

“Knowledge and quality” 

SKF can carry out more in-depth analyses and calculations in the form of lifetime calculations and material tests to ensure that we have made the right bearing and sealing decisions. Having access to knowledge like that gives us an enormous sense of reassurance.” 

Mr. Böhm also detailed how new insights and tools add further strings to the Benzlers bow. Together, they can even reduce the time it takes to complete a project. During one service, the SKF team had produced split seals within a very short timeframe and welded them at the customer’s location – saving two days in disassembly and assembly time. Benzlers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that its customers only receive the highest quality sealing solutions to protect its machine components.  

All you have to do is pick up the phone to be able to quickly air your questions and ideas directly with SKF’s application engineers, who are continuously building on their knowledge and understanding of all the possible applications and industries.

– Wolfgang Böhm, Engineering Manager, Benzlers AB

About Benzlers 

  • Founded 1944 
  • Head office: Helsingborg, Sweden 
  • 86 employees 
  • Part of the Elecon group 

Behind every bearing lies a good seal 

When we know which products we need to be able to deliver according to the customer’s specifications, we can stick to standard products in most cases, keeping costs down without compromising on quality,” said Mr. Böhm, who also stated that he is impressed with SKF’s forward-thinking approach. “We have chosen SKF because of their belief in the future and their investment in more flexible, modern production processes.” 

SKF engineers will continue to work alongside Benzlers, providing support throughout the entire lifecycle of its sealing solutions. Every bearing needs a good seal to deliver its full potential. And in the words of Mr. Böhm: “Who knows better than SKF which seal a bearing needs?”  

When we choose SKF, it sends a signal to our customers that Benzlers represents quality. Buying bearings and seals from SKF feels like a natural step in our relationship.

– Wolfgang Böhm, Engineering Manager, Benzlers AB