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Reaching new heights in Dubai

Reliable rotation on the Dubai Eye

Several cross-industry applications rely on industrial seals which can perform in the most challenging of conditions. And, as a visitor of the Industrial Seals Expert, you will be aware of some of the more common industrial sealing applications that we address: power transmission, fluid power, and fluid handling systems to provide just a few examples. However, there are some truly fascinating use cases for SKF seals, many of which raise the bar in terms of engineering feats.

Introducing Ain Dubai – the world’s largest and highest observation wheel and yet another Dubai architectural icon that pushes the limits of what is possible with modern engineering and construction. For the project, SKF implemented a unique welding technique to manufacture large-sized industrial seals with a circumference of around 22m. These were then installed at lofty heights to ensure perfect protection for the main spindle bearing. It is worth mentioning that the hub and spindle have a combined weight of 1,805 tons, corresponding to four A380 airplanes, and spanning 40m across as they rest on top of four 126-meter-tall legs.


Ain Dubai

When thinking of Dubai, one should not dare expect anything less than a world of superlatives. Home to the world-famous landmark Burj Khali, Dubai is known as the expert when it comes to breaking world records. In October 2021, Ain Dubai (which is also known as the Dubai Eye) was added to a list of mega-sized projects in the so-called City of Gold. Declared by Forbes as one of the bucket list attractions of 2021, Ain Dubai takes visitors to a height of 250 meters from where they can enjoy majestic city-to-coast 360° views.

The completion of Ain Dubai took more than eight years, which is a healthy timeline considering the complexity and scale of such an ambitious project. Bringing it to life also meant collaborating with consultants and experts across the globe, from the UAE, South Korea, and Europe.

Engineering feats of Ain Dubai
  • Extensive lifespan of overall structure: designed to last for 300,000 cycles, or at least 60 years (seals will be inspected and exchanged in a timely manner upon request)
  • Sturdy construction: Used 11,200 tonnes of steel to be built – 33% more used to construct the Eiffel Tower
  • Increased capacity: Features 48 cabins and holds up to 1750 passengers at a time.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/ain-dubai-worlds-largest-observation-wheel/index.html

SKF possesses a wealth of experience, having been deeply involved in the design and assembly of numerous observation wheels. The portfolio includes the High Roller in Las Vegas, which stands 168m high, as well as other landmark constructions, such as the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago, Gothenburg’s Liseberg Amusement Park Observation Wheel, the Singapore Flyer, and now the most gravity-defying structure of them all: Ain Dubai.