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VIDEO: Machined sealing materials

Machined seals from high-performance materials

This video reveals how customized engineering solutions can be machined and distributed in almost no time at all. What’s more, it includes some behind-the-scenes footage from SKF R&D centers. Discover the material capabilities of machined seals for yourself!

When SKF began its journey into machined seals over 30 years ago, it opened enormous opportunities for engineers and technicians dealing in industrial operations. Boosted by the acquisition of Economos in 2006 and with the innovative production system SKF SEAL JET at the heart of the concept, SKF and selected distributors are able to produce customized seals from semi-finished tubes in rapid time – minimizing downtime and loss of production when sealing systems fail.

Watch this short video below and reveal how meticulous research, testing, and development goes into creating machined seals that are built to last – even in the most rigorous operating environments.

Capabilities at a glance

Featuring proprietary software, the SKF SEAL JET manufacturing system uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology and precision-cutting tools to carve out polymeric seals quickly from a range of high-performance materials. The detailed properties of the machinable sealing materials, at least those which SKF supplies as standard, can be found in the table below:


SKF strives to meet your sealing challenges with this portfolio of 26 standard materials. If your application requires special material grades, for example in the oil and gas or food and beverage industries, then a special material grade derived from standard grades is available. And as you have seen, SKF constantly develops solutions for high performance applications from those key material types

Help is at hand

Need a unique sealing solution to solve an application problem or to meet an immediate need? SKF can deliver it – quickly and cost-effectively. Get in touch or leave a comment below!